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Pennsylvania Engagement Session

Pennsylvania Engagement Photographer

There was something truly magical about Sidonie and Lorenzo’s Pennsylvania engagement session. When they asked to incorporate film into their photos, I couldn’t contain my excitement! Photos captured on film have a certain charm and depth that digital images just can’t replicate. It adds another dimension to their already beautiful love story.

Pennsylvania Engagement

One of the most striking things about Sidonie and Lorenzo’s session was how their love shone through in every frame. Film has this amazing ability to capture raw emotions and elevate them, making every moment even more special. It gave their photos a timeless and elegant quality that perfectly matched their love story.

Longwood Gardens Session

Choosing Longwood Gardens as the backdrop was a stroke of genius. The blooming flowers and lush greenery added a touch of natural beauty that enhanced the organic feel of the film photos. It created a romantic atmosphere and took their engagement session to a whole new level.

Pennsylvania Film Engagement Session

If you’re planning your own engagement session, I highly recommend considering adding film. It brings out the best in your love story and elevates the overall aesthetic of the photos. There’s something about film that just feels more authentic and true to life. It captures the nuances and the little details that often get lost in digital images.

Film Photographer

Film photography is all about creating a narrative, a story that unfolds through each frame. It adds a unique and personal touch to your engagement session, making it an experience you’ll cherish forever. So, if you’re looking for photos that exude timeless elegance, evoke organic emotions, and tell a beautiful love story, don’t hesitate to add film into the mix. Scroll to the end to see their film photos!

September 15, 2023

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