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Wedding Photographer

Melanie and Eldar recently had a truly incredible wedding in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. We were honored to be chosen as their wedding photographers! To say it was a dream is an understatement. The ceremony took place at the enchanting Sponza Palace, which you Game of Thrones fans may in fact recognize as a filming location. To not only witness their wedding, but also be chosen as their Dubrovnik wedding photographer was truly a privilege!

Dubrovnik Wedding Photographer

Following the ceremony, we all hopped on a boat and sailed along the sparkling sea to their reception venue, the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, run by Adriatic Luxury Hotels. The whole day was filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

Destination Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer, our goal was to capture these special moments and tell Melanie and Eldar’s love story through our lenses. We wanted to create timeless and elegant photographs that would beautifully showcase the organic love between the couple.

Sponza Palace Wedding

The images we captured at the Sponza Palace and the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace perfectly encapsulate the magic of Melanie and Eldar’s wedding day. The historic backdrop of the palace, combined with the stunning coastal views at the hotel, created a truly breathtaking atmosphere. Their wedding was without a doubt a testament to the power of love and the joy that surrounds such a special day. As wedding photographers, we feel honored to have been able to witness and capture these moments.

Melanie and Eldar’s wedding was a true love story. Above all, we are grateful to have played a small part in preserving these beautiful memories. We hope that through our photographs, their love and happiness will shine through.

September 22, 2023

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